Spread hope this fall with Beechwood Doughnuts & Southridge Jam Co. 

PB&J Doughnut leaning against a jar of grape jelly
Every season, the doughnut artists at Beechwood Doughnuts surprise and delight us all with their incredible vegan doughnut recipes. Throughout October and November 2018, Southridge Jam Co. is privileged to be partnering with Beechwood as the PB&J doughnut returns to the menu – this time, drizzled with the local concord grape jelly from Southridge Jam Co. Thank you for the support you’ve shown so far!
This collaboration has had our Jam Fam buzzing with excitement. Not only are they ecstatic to see (and taste) their hard work on these award-winning doughnuts, but every one of our jammers is excited for another way to share our story, of transformation, friendship and hope.
Afterall, that’s our jam. And from the overwhelming support we’ve experienced in this community, we know it’s YOUR JAM too!
So, we want to inspire the acts of random kindness you do in your community with 3 ways you can show some love to people who need a little reminder that there is always hope.
1. Make a doughnut delivery to a hard-working team.
Do you know a hard-working team of people who could use a little encouragement? As they go to work every day, giving all their energy and passion to make the world a better place, give their afternoon a better taste with some delicious PB&J doughnuts. It’s a great way to acknowledge their sacrifices and thank them for the work they’re doing.


A box of PB&J doughnuts delivered to the Spreading Hope team on launch day

2. Surprise a stressed-out student with an after-school-snack. 
The projects are mounting and exams are looming. Doughnut-motivation can go a long way during a stressful season. Young or old, show the students in your life some love with the PB&J doughnut – a little light at the end of their day, to remind them that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
Vegan Milk and Doughnuts
PB&J. A classic – and super classy with Beechwood doughnuts and a glass of vegan milk.
3. A friend in need deserves a doughnut, indeed!
At Southridge Jam Co., we’re all about creating strong, supportive friendships. Do you know a sleep-deprived new mom? A lonely neighbour? Someone in your life going through a rough patch? Invite them over for tea &  doughnuts so you can be a listening ear, a breath of fresh air, the calm in the storm – whatever they need! Doughnuts are always a good excuse to spend some intentional time with someone who needs it.
Serving Beechwood doughnuts on a wooden serving tray
Beechwood’s PB&J doughnuts are the perfect comfort food for anyone who needs a little hope.
Hope is spreading faster and stronger with every PB&J doughnut you’ve purchased at Beechwood this fall, and our entire team wants you to know it means the world to us.
Your support has helped us create good jam, a great story, and now, DELICIOUS doughnuts!
Eating PB&J Beechwood Doughnuts