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We all need a slow morning now and then.❄️ Serve up some warm & cozy this December with #SouthridgeJamCo and a yummy breakfast. #slowliving #christmas2018 #spreadinghope Thanks to @thelocallife_ca for your sweet additions to this photoshoot! Headband: @littleandbeloved . Sweater blanket: @freespirit.threads Mug: @_brownpaperfox
We can’t even begin to describe the gratitude in our hearts this week – at the #socentpitch18 @innovateniagara this week, we were honoured to receive the People’s Choice Award and the grand prize. This is going to help us start 2019 off with BIG dreams (and of course, so much hope). Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. ❤️ #SpreadingHope #SouthridgeJamCo
🎄 Here’s our advice before hitting the ground running, with Christmas festivities: pick one day every week to slow down. Schedule those days in your calendar right now. Future-you will thank past-you. Maybe it’s just a morning around the breakfast table, or an evening around the fireplace. Your soul needs rest more than it needs to-do lists and schedules. Want to bring a sweet little surprise to those cozy nights and bright mornings? The gift of Southridge Jam, made by hand in small batches, is the perfect way to spread hope and the gift of intentional time this holiday season. Here’s to slowing down this Christmas! 🍇 
Christmas pre-orders begin TODAY! Get your order in before Dec. 11 if you’re looking for shipping options. Otherwise, you’ve got until Dec. 19 for local pick-up orders. ❤️ Sending you all love from our team today! #SouthridgeJamCo 📷: @madebyframe
We love you guys as much as we love @beechwooddoughnuts ❤️ (and that’s A LOT!) Truly, your support of our doughnut collaboration this past month has made a huge difference for us at #SouthridgeJamCo ✨ What an incredible way to wrap up 2018! #spreadinghope
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