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We're a social enterprise on a mission to end the cycle of homelessness in Niagara.

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We are a small batch jam company hungry for social change

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Sundaaze ❤️ We hope it’s full of afternoon naps and “PaJAMa” breakfasts 😉 Check out our latest blog post for a Spotify playlists to fill your day with some slow jams 🎶 (See link in bio). #SpreadingHope #SouthridgeJamCo
Need a last minute gift, that doesn’t feel like a last minute gift? 💝 #SouthridgeJamCo makes the perfect stocking stuffer, because we’ve stuffed it with local fruit and a whole lot of hope for 2019! 
Visit us at @southridge_church Glenridge today for pickup, because tomorrow is the final day for pickups before Christmas 🎄 .
✨ ‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house…. 🐭? Or 🌪? (Which ending is more accurate for you?)
We’re doing a mid-holiday check in! How are you all doing? Have you had to tackle one busy parking lot too many yet? We’re sticking with you this week for fun surprises each day that will help you enjoy sweet, restful moments amidst all the busyness. Stay-tuned! We’ll make it to Christmas together, and enjoy the journey while we’re at it ❤️ #SouthridgeJamCo #SpreadingHope #WeekBeforeChristmas
We all need a slow morning now and then.❄️ Serve up some warm & cozy this December with #SouthridgeJamCo and a yummy breakfast. #slowliving #christmas2018 #spreadinghope Thanks to @thelocallife_ca for your sweet additions to this photoshoot! Headband: @littleandbeloved . Sweater blanket: @freespirit.threads Mug: @_brownpaperfox
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