We make jam, so we can spread hope.

The Southridge Jam Co. is a social enterprise in Niagara that provides individuals who have recently experienced homelessness the opportunity to develop job training and life skills.

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At Southridge Jam Co., we strive to bring confidence, friendship and hope to everyone on our team. Twice a week during the production season, our team gathers together to make jam using fresh, local fruit donated to us by Niagara farmers. The program is designed by Red Seal Chef, Cam Block and Leadership Development and Teambuilding expert, Tim Arnold, to facilitate teamwork, self-discovery and skill development.

As a social enterprise, the idea for Southridge Jam Co. was inspired by the people we’ve met at the Southridge Shelter. Through our 40-bed homeless shelter in St. Catharines, the Southridge Shelter has been meeting the needs of home and friendship since 2005, providing temporary emergency housing to more than 800 homeless men and women facing crisis each year. Lives are transformed as staff and volunteers journey alongside people in their transition from the shelter. The Southridge Jam Company further broadens the impact of Southridge Shelter by providing a sense of purpose to its jam-makers, generating stability and positive momentum as they transition out of homelessness.

Our hand crafted jams are sold online, as well as at local businesses, craft shows and seasonal markets. When you purchase a jar of Southridge Jam, you’re reinvesting in the Southridge Shelter and spreading hope to people in our community.

Southridge Jam Co.
Good Jam, Great Story
I love the fact that people are being empowered with practical, relational skills, and are being given the feeling that they have something to contribute.
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