We make jam, so we can spread hope.

The Southridge Jam Co. is a social enterprise in Niagara that provides individuals who have recently experienced homelessness the opportunity to develop job training and life skills.

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We are Southridge Jam, a social enterprise that makes small-batch jams and jelly in Niagara. We support people transitioning out of homelessness by providing job skills, community, and a sense of purpose. When you buy our jams, you get a tasty, locally made product and you help disrupt the cycle of homelessness.

Through our 55-bed homeless shelter in St. Catharines, the Southridge Shelter has been meeting the needs of home and friendship since 2005, providing temporary emergency housing to more than 800 homeless men and women facing crisis each year. Lives are transformed as staff and volunteers journey alongside people in their transition from the shelter to being housed.

Southridge Jam grew out of an idea to broaden the impact of the Southridge Shelter by creating a program that would continue to support people who had recently transitioned from homelessness. Red Seal Chef, Cam Block and Leadership development and team building expert, Tim Arnold, were the designers and their intention was to create a successful product but also facilitate teamwork, self-discovery and skill development in a supportive environment.

At Southridge Jam, we leverage volunteers from the community to work as a team alongside those who have recently experienced homelessness. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a home, friends and a purpose. When participants join our jam team in the kitchen, they are gaining job skills, resume experience and a supportive community of friends to propel them forward in this next chapter of their lives.

Year-round small-batch production in our jam-making facility in Vineland, Ontario allows us to use fruit from local farms in Southern Ontario, with most of our fruit coming from the Niagara Region.

Our handcrafted jams are sold at local businesses across Ontario and are great for corporate gifts, wedding favours, gift baskets and even as teacher's gifts. Best of all, our jams are all yummy on a regular slice of toast!

At Southridge Jam, we know that you care about the community in which we all live, and we strive to provide difference-making opportunities with each jar of jam or jelly we produce. When you buy our jam, you're buying a delicious product but you are also making an investment in people in our community. Together we can disrupt the cycle of homelessness in the Niagara Region, one jar of jam at a time.

Thank you for your support!

Southridge Jam Co.
Good Jam, Great Story
I love the fact that people are being empowered with practical, relational skills, and are being given the feeling that they have something to contribute.
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