Alleviating poverty in Niagara through a social enterprise’s “spreading hope” mission.

On June 15, 2018 The Southridge Jam Company was awarded $54,000 in funding from the Niagara Prosperity Initiative (NPI) to support the work of the Niagara-based social enterprise in the community. The money received by Southridge Jam Co. will cover some staffing costs as well as provide stipends to 2018 team members who participate in jam production at the Vineland facility, and contribute to the sales and marketing of jam throughout the season.
2018 recipients of NPI gather at the Niagara Region to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Niagara Prosperity Initiative.
“We are honoured to be one of the names on the list of 2018 NPI recipients amidst so many incredible organizations,” says Brendon Nicholson, Program Director at Southridge Jam Co. “As we begin our third season making local, small-batch jam, this funding will be a huge help in maximizing our investment in team members, who are finding hope as they overcome numerous challenges in the transition out of homelessness.”
Southridge Jam Co.’s  goal as a social enterprise is to provide job training and life skills to formerly homeless individuals. Team members gain positive momentum in their journeys as they learn to make jam in a supportive environment, thus preventing the cycle of homelessness from continuing.
The Niagara Region established NPI in 2008 as a research-based approach to addressing the root causes of poverty in Niagara. Each year, $1.5 million is invested in activities around Niagara that are aimed at reducing and preventing poverty.
This year, Southridge Jam Co. is named among a list of other recipients as NPI celebrates its tenth anniversary investing in the Niagara community. If you want to learn more about the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, visit: