Because you deserve slow mornings, sweet moments and days without a schedule – especially during the holidays!
Pa”JAM”a Breakfast with Southridge Jam Co.


Enjoy some afternoon naps.



December 29. The presents have been unwrapped, the turkeys have been cooked and the sugar-crashes have set in. You can barely remember what day of the week it is, let alone bringing yourself to organize all the Christmas recycling under the tree in time for garbage day.




After such a wonderful and busy time, you don’t have to feel like all the magic has disappeared once Christmas is over. Take heart – our Spreading Hope team has come up with some ways for all of us to keep living every day with as much love, joy and excitement as we do on Christmas.



Here are three ways you can gently ease back
into the swing of things by January 1:
  • 1. Have a Pajama Day with your family:

Thanks to Brown Paper Fox (Warm and Cozy Mug), freespirit.threads (sweater blanket) and Little and Beloved (headband) for lending us these beautiful items from The Local Life.
Thank you to Signal Coffee Co. for sponsoring our PaJAMa Day photoshoot. Enjoy a cup of Signal coffee with your holiday breakfasts.


Between Christmas and New Year’s, set aside one day totally devoted to relaxation: get your favourite pair of pajamas (onesies and footie pj’s encouraged!), enjoy a delicious brunch, and curl up in a chair with that book you’ve been trying to finish for months. It’s amazing what kind of fun can happen when there isn’t a schedule for a day – crafts, puzzles, long walks with the dog… let the good times roll!





Lama hoodie blanket – Made by Sarah Dias, sold at The Local Life.

  2. Keep sharing the love and spreading the hope:

Where do all those good old “Christmas feels” come from?

Doing kind things for others? Laughing over stories from way-back-when? Telling someone you love them? 

Don’t stop! You can keep the love and hope going strong, long after Christmas has ended: send New Year’s greetings to those you weren’t able to catch up with at Christmas, invite some old friends over for dinner, or invite your family over for Christmas left-overs. Keep your eyes and ears open to the needs around you and you will surely find ways to share warmth with someone who needs it.




  • 3. Kick back with some slow-jams:

We’ve put something together just for you!



When the time comes to return to turn off Netflix and return reality, show yourself some love with this Spotify playlist we’ve created just for you! Let it serenade you with relaxing tunes, as you tackle your to-do-list one baby step at a time.




We hope these ideas help you stay merry and bright as you ring in 2019! Thank you for all your amazing support of Southridge Jam Co. this year. You’ve helped us reach some BIG goals, and we’ve got high hopes for our team this new year.