June 6, 2018 may have been just another day on the calendar for you, but for us, it marked the beginning of another season of spreading hope at The Southridge Jam Company. We got the whole gang (plus a few new friends) back together for the first day of regular production of the season. From now until November we’ll be in our jam kitchen in Vineland every Wednesday taking some of Niagara’s best fruit and turning it into some of Niagara’s best jam – if we do say so ourselves!

This season marks a few firsts for us: this will be the first year we target production numbers over 10,000 jars! This will also be the first season that we’ll receive funding through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, which will be supporting our growth and the development of our jam makers through May 2019. We’ve also struck up some new partnerships with local retailers, whom we are thrilled to have joining us in our mission to spread hope.

Check them out here:
Cherry Lane
Itty Bitty Pie Company
Bloom and Co.
Stratus Vineyards

Maybe this season can mark some firsts for you too. Maybe this is the first time you’ve visited us or tasted our jam, and if that’s the case, then welcome to Southridge Jam Co. We’re so grateful you took the time to check us out.  Maybe this will be the first time you make your friend, neighbour or family member’s day by sharing some meaningful, delicious jam with them! Or maybe reading some of the stories here will be your first real glimpse into the experience of an individual who has experienced homelessness.

I guess we could call this the third season of firsts! Here’s to all Niagara’s bounty and the privilege we have to live in such a wonderful place. Thanks for stopping by, getting to know us and joining in as we seek to spread hope throughout Niagara and beyond.

Brendon Nicholson, Program Director