Niagara Prosperity Initiative helps Southridge Jam Co. kick-off its third season of production

Alleviating poverty in Niagara through a social enterprise’s “spreading hope” mission. On June 15, 2018 The Southridge Jam Company was awarded $54,000 in funding from the Niagara Prosperity Initiative (NPI) to support the work of the Niagara-based social enterprise in the community. The money received by Southridge Jam Co. will cover some staffing costs as…

Spreading Hope: Season 3

  June 6, 2018 may have been just another day on the calendar for you, but for us, it marked the beginning of another season of spreading hope at The Southridge Jam Company. We got the whole gang (plus a few new friends) back together for the first day of regular production of the season. From…

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