A Season of Possibilities

A Season of Possibilities Our jam kitchen is located in Vineland, Ontario and had you visited us on a Wednesday before March 2020, you would have seen a diverse team of sometimes more than 10 people all working together. You would have heard the sounds of chatter and laughter. You would have smelled the sweet…

Hope Lives Here

Hope Lives Here Hope (/hōp/) noun The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. If you have seen one of our jars or purchased one of our jam products over the last year, you will have seen our little “great jam for a greater cause”…

Great Expectations

Great Expectations After a brief production break, we were ready for a safe return to the kitchen this week and were just about to post our very first blog of 2021 to celebrate what would have been the launch of our sixth season of jam making. Then the news broke about Ontario’s state of emergency,…

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